APFC has found its 21st century feet in touchstones almost 50 years old. And yet, through their growling, puckish delivery and crack graphics, it comes across fresh and vibrant. Here’s to APFC finding more of its future in the ideas of the past. Eastern Monmouth Gazette

APFC is going off the cliff along with everyone else, yet they’re laughing all the way down.
—  Long Branch Daily Record

While APFC’s voice has opened up to become not only an intrinsic part of fashion history, they have also adapted the role of living curator of a time and place almost erased by those who care more about the trappings of Asbury Park stardom than the roots of Asbury Park culture. They’re not trying to prove anything. But, as our world slides towards the brink of chaos, maybe the APFC does have the answer. — Asbury Express-Courier

What APFC is accomplishing these days is unprecedented to the point of being supernatural. – The Vatican News is dirty, foul mouthed and gaudy as any red light district…and yet, it’s a website masterpiece. -Wired makes its case with expansive intelligence, pristine prose and occasional bleary wit. Anyone who claims to have scrolled through five better websites is mad…or a liar. -Google